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How To Apply Hair Falls

[Step 1]

Split your hair in the middle, take each side and round it up into a bun atop your head. *It works best to have the buns higher on your head. Secure an elastic hair band around each bun. The more secure your bun is, the better the falls will hold in place. Note: Hair scrunches are not recommended. Use elastic hair bands.

[Step 2]

Take the hair fall having it in front of your face. Pull the elastic band on the hair fall and wrap it around your bun keeping the Hair fall in front of you. Get the elastic band as tight as you are comfortable with- when it is secure around your bun, flip the hair fall back and repeat with the other hair fall.

At this time you can adjust the falls to your liking-Such as: higher up or more on the side to cover the (hair) bun.

For those new with falls, we recommend using bobby pins and or small clips to help keep falls in place & give it that great look. You would use the bobby pins and/or small clips behind the hair falls- back of your real hair or underneath the Hair Falls by clipping your real hair to fake hair.

Hair Falls that are attached to lace will be applied the same way- Use bun/pigtail method & keep Hair Fall in front of your face then tie around your bun/pigtail

Have fun! Try different styles!

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