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Hair Wear
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How To Apply Hair Falls

Are there Falls you saw and want your custom order to resemble? Simply copy {right click} the URL of the photo and paste into the Order Form under "URL". You may also email the photo(s) of Hair Falls your interested in Here

Our Hair Falls are always sold in pairs!

This includes:
~Your choice of colors (as many as you'd like)
~Your choice of beads and color of beads
~Your choice of attachment. Elastic hair bands or lace

do not charge for fullness or length with the following exception:
Orders that are requested EXTRA long-Elbow length or longer, there is a $6.00 additional charge.

~You will get 8 beads (your choice) in each fall for FREE!
~Extra Beads are available-Please see the Accessories page (tab on left) for cost.


Name & Address
Skull Beads Y/N
Other Beads Y/N
Color Of Beads
Attach To Elastic Hair Bands or Lace
Extra Skull Beads/Quantity
Extra Beads/Quantity
Small Bows (attached to falls)
Large Bows (attached to clips)
Color Of Bows
Length (Short/Medium/Long)
Other Requests:
URL of Hair Falls (from gallery)
Payment (Paypal,Money Order,Other)

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